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What's Our Story?

We are three independent Irish charities working across the North of England who have decided that working in a more collaborative way will enable us to make even more of a difference to the lives of the Irish community living in the North of England.


Each of our charities were originally born out of a significant need in our local areas of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds to provide culturally-led support, advice, cultural connection and in some instances housing to our Irish community.

“Kept me going in a difficult time. 
The support is ongoing, you're still there for us.” 

That need continues to this day across first, second and wider generations living across the North who share our Irish heritage.

Continuing Connection

Fréa comes from the Irish word ‘fréamh’ meaning ‘root’. 

It reflects how we are anchored and strengthened by
our shared heritage which, through careful cultivation, enables us to flourish.

Why Fréa and how does it help us?

All charitable organisations are facing challenges – heightened even further by the cost of living crisis but we have decided we are stronger together for a variety of reasons:

  • We can work more efficiently on joint projects and support services and share resources for the benefit of our Irish communities. Funding can go further and have a wide impact.


  • We can raise awareness of the local grassroots work of each of our charities to a wider community across the North.


  • We can work co-operatively to look for solutions that support gaps in our funding.  As demand for charitable support increases across the country so does the competition for funds to support the need.


  • Key services we provide to our Irish communities continue to be in potential jeopardy if we don’t look for new ways to raise funds and fill the funding gap. Irish Luncheon Clubs, Befriending support for Irish people who are isolated and lonely, celebrating cultural days and keeping the Irish spirit alive.


  • We can share knowledge, resources and potentially back office operational costs to make our charities as lean as possible with a focus on grassroots delivery to each of our local Irish communities.

Our Vision

Thriving sustainable partner charities improving the health and well-being of vulnerable members of Irish communities of all ages across the North of England through offering practical, emotional, and cultural support. 

& Mission

To establish a sound financial base for the future sustainability of the three partner charities through combining fundraising activities to build diverse and sustainable funding streams, and share skill sets to decrease overheads. 

Partner charities


ICCM supports the Irish community in Manchester, with a range of services to help the people most in need, including the elderly and those who are isolated and lonely. 

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Irish Community Care is based in Liverpool and delivers services across the North West. Their mission is to ensure well informed empowered and vibrant Irish communities.


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LIHH helps vulnerable members of the community regain and retain their independence through services which heal, inspire, engage, celebrate and enable them to thrive.


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With one donation you can make a daily difference to the lives of Irish people across the North.

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