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Fréa partner charities have benefited greatly from the generosity of friends and supporters.


Your contributions have helped the partner charities to improve the well-being of vulnerable Irish people – especially younger people managing their mental health or homelessness, families struggling financially and elderly people who are living in poverty and isolation.

We are very grateful to our growing community of friends, who are planning to remember the Fréa partners in their wills with financial gifts of all sizes. We hope that you will join them in making a bequest once all your loved ones are taken care of. 


Make a gift,

leave a legacy

There are a number of ways you
can support Fréa now or in the future:

A legacy costs nothing in your lifetime but has the power to make a significant impact on the future of vulnerable Irish facing hardship and mental health challenges in the North of England.


It could also benefit your family by reducing the overall tax burden on your estate. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your plans in the strictest confidence, please get in touch with Irwin Mitchell LLP (details below) for advice on how to make or update your Will and a discount on the cost of their Will Making Service. Any information you provide will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not commit you in any way.

​For Irwin Mitchell LLP, please
contact Suzanne Currie at:

+44 (0)114 2947905

1   Make a gift of a specific sum

Remember any amount once loved ones have been cared for and whatever you can afford – is priceless in the battle to support the vulnerable in the North of England.

2   Leave part of your estate

A share of your estate that has not been promised to your family. These types of gifts are enormously helpful in supporting our work.

3   Donate a particular gift or item

This is where you generously select a specific item of value like jewellery, shares, property, the proceeds of an assurance policy, or other valuable items.

Help to support the vulnerable Irish in the North of England.

You can make a gift through Paypal below.
(Note: you don’t need an account) 

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Friends of Fréa

To thank those who have made gifts through legacies, we will invite you to join the 'Friends of Fréa Society' which will meet at regular intervals throughout the year for exclusive lunches, and speaker events and allow you to meet others who share your values and ethos in wanting to support vulnerable members of our community. 

Funders & Supporters

Fréa is funded thanks to the Irish Government and

Irish Embassy in London through a grant via the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme.

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