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Who are Renewing Roots?

Renewing Roots offers free, confidential advocacy and support to former residents of Ireland's Mother and Baby and County Home institutions now living in the North of England, encouraging empowerment through a range of personalised support.

Staff at Fréa offer trauma informed support to Former Residents and their family members, giving up to date information about the Irish Government Action Plan for Survivors and Former Residents of Mother and Baby and County Homes 

We support people who wish to make applications to;

  • The Irish Government Payment Scheme

  • The Irish Government Tracing Service

  • The Birth and Tracing Act (or other records held on time spent in an institution in Ireland)

  • Access Counselling

We also organise regular community events to both commemorate those who passed through the Mother and Baby and County Homes and to raise awareness of the former residents experiences.

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