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Fréa's Big Irish Breakfast

Celebrate St Patrick’s Day by joining Fréa’s Big Irish Breakfast - and support vulnerable Irish communities across the North of England. 


From a cup of tea to a Full Irish, enjoy it your way wherever you are in the world.  


You can do it solo or get family, friends or colleagues together to celebrate Fréa’s Big Irish Breakfast – in person or online.  


We’re simply asking you to do three things: take a photo, enjoy your breakfast and donate to Fréa.  


Post your picture online with with the hashtag #FreaBigIrishBreakfast – and inspire others to support Fréa’s life-changing work. 

Donate here

Simply donate by clicking below. 


Be part of it


When and where?

Fréa’s Big Irish Breakfasts are taking place all over the UK, Ireland and beyond in the week running up to St Patrick’s Day (11-17th March 2024).  


Keep an eye on Fréa’s social media channels or the hashtag #FreaBigIrishBreakfast to see what people all over the world are getting up to - you can find us on Facebook, X and LinkedIn

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Why take part?

St Patrick’s Day is a day when Irish people all over the world come together to celebrate our heritage. 


However, not everyone is able to share in the excitement of St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the same way. Many Irish people across the North of England struggle daily with the cost of living crisis, poor physical or mental health, social anxiety or isolation. Such struggles mean they often miss out on these wonderful days of joy and connection.  


Fréa works across the North of England delivering lifeline services to Irish people in need. Donations raised through Fréa’s Big Irish Breakfast will go directly to support our most vulnerable community members. 


How will money be raised?

We’re asking you to join with Fréa’s Big Irish Breakfast at home, at work or in a community group and to make a donation to Fréa.  


If you’re hosting guests, encourage them to donate what they feel, what they’re able or the equivalent cost of a café breakfast. 


Your donation changes lives.

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Your donation changes lives

Take a photo, enjoy your breakfast, donate to Fréa


£3 buys a takeaway coffee, but a £3 donation to Fréa buys a box of 120 teabags for one of our dementia groups

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