What is Fréa?

Fréa brings together three independent, long-established Irish charities in the North of England. Through shared values, experience and mutual respect, this partnership is not only strong but unique.

The work of the three charities focuses on improving the health and well-being of vulnerable members of the Irish communities across Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool metropolitan districts.


The charities offer practical, emotional, and cultural support to thousands of vulnerable Irish people each year, including elderly Irish people who live alone and those living in poverty, isolation, and loneliness. 

Our Vision

Thriving sustainable partner charities improving the health and well-being of vulnerable members of Irish communities of all ages across the North of England through offering practical, emotional, and cultural support. 


& Mission

To establish a sound financial base for the future sustainability of the three partner charities through combining fundraising activities to build diverse and sustainable funding streams, and share skill sets to decrease overheads. 


Partner charities


ICCM supports the Irish community in Manchester, with a range of services to help the people most in need, including the elderly and those who are isolated and lonely. 

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Irish Community Care is based in Liverpool and delivers services across the North West. Their mission is to ensure well informed empowered and vibrant Irish communities.


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LIHH helps vulnerable members of the community regain and retain their independence through services which heal, inspire, engage, celebrate and enable them to thrive.


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“Telephone calls as well as doorstep visits kept me going. No one else would listen.” 


Our impact

Fréa empowers these charities to become more proactive, resilient, and self-sustaining through combined clustering and shared skill sets to decrease overheads and build diverse and sustainable funding streams. 


We provide essential care, culture, and community support to the vulnerable Irish across the North of England whilst also helping each charity to succeed through collaboration. 

Fréa comes from the Irish word ‘fréamh’ meaning ‘root’. 

It reflects how we are anchored and strengthened by
our shared heritage which, through careful cultivation, enables us to flourish.

We need your support

The importance of the sustainability of the three charities was once again highlighted during this past year when the pandemic struck. 


They immediately arranged emergency support for the very vulnerable Irish in their respective communities. Their support reached over 3,500 individuals with the help of community volunteers and continues to do so.

Image by Adam Nieścioruk

Funders & Supporters

Fréa  funded thanks to the Irish Government and the Irish Embassy in London through a grant via the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme.

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