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How you can support the Irish Community in the North of England

Each of our charities were originally born out of a significant need in our local areas of Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds to provide culturally-led support, advice, cultural connection and in some instances housing to our Irish community.

Fréa comes from the Irish word ‘fréamh’ meaning ‘root’. It reflects how we are anchored and strengthened by our shared heritage which, through careful cultivation, enables us to flourish.

As a community, we know that we are stronger together and achieve more when we collaborate, and there are a number of ways individuals, businesses and networks can give back to the Irish community - including fundraising, sponsorship and leaving a legacy


“Kept me going in a difficult time. 
The support is ongoing, you're still there for us.” 

Why do Fréa partner charities need your help?

Fréa partner charities would not exist without years of transformative grants from the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme, Philanthropic and Individual gifts and donations…. 


These long-established charities were set up years ago to meet the needs of those Irish people who came to Britain in the 1940s and 1950s to earn money, often to support their families back in Ireland. They worked hard without the benefits of health and safety regulations and pension contributions. All too often, a main social outlet was the local Public House, which was also the place to secure employment week on week. In later years, this took its toll on many of them, through issues such as substance dependency, poor physical and mental health, homelessness and poverty. Many never returned home as they had hoped for, often feeling too ashamed of how their lives had turned out here in Britain. The partner charities offer vital housing, welfare advice and cultural support to these vulnerable people who are now in their latter years. 


Today the partner charities' work is extended to help the vulnerable in our Irish community of all ages, including families. Your continued support and generosity is urgently needed, and even more important now to deal with the additional hardships caused by the pandemic.  We would kindly ask you to think of people in our communities who need your help more than ever before. COVID-19 has caused a huge increase in mental and physical health problems due to the sudden loss of loved ones, loss of income, poverty, debt, homelessness, and isolation. Your help no matter how small or large would be greatly appreciated to meet the increasing demands for the partner charities' services during these challenging times.  


Our mission is to continue to deliver and further develop our services to meet the increasing needs of our community. Through your financial gifts, we will be able to fulfil this important mission.

Help to support the vulnerable Irish in the North of England.

You can make a gift through Paypal below.
(Note: you don’t need an account) 

Funders & Supporters

Fréa is funded thanks to the Irish Government and

Irish Embassy in London through a grant via the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme.

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