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About Fréa's Charities

Fréa brings together three independent and long-established Irish charities.


All based in the North of England, they have a stable and unique partnership with shared values, experience, and mutual respect, Irish Community Care (based in Liverpool delivering services across the Northwest), Irish Community Care Manchester, and Leeds Irish Health and Homes.


The work of the three charities focuses on improving the health and well-being of vulnerable Irish/people of Irish heritage of all ages across the North of England.


Fréa empowers these charities to become more proactive, resilient, and self-sustaining through combined clustering, collaboration and shared skill sets which help decrease overheads and build diverse and sustainable funding streams. Fréa thereby enables the charities to continue to provide essential support to the vulnerable Irish in the North of England through Care, Culture and Community.  

Fréa is from the Irish word ‘fréamh’ meaning ‘root’ and reflects how as charities we are anchored and strengthened by our shared heritage, which, through careful cultivation and ambitious growth, enables us to flourish. 

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“Kept me going in a difficult time. 
The support is ongoing, you're still there for us.” 

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