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Mother and Baby and County Homes Payment Scheme, open for applications from 20th March 2024

This information relates specifically for people living in Britain, who wish to make an application the Irish Government Mother and Baby and County Home payment scheme. For general advice on the payments please visit gov - The Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme (

The Irish Government have announced that applications to the Mother and Baby and County Home payment scheme will open on 20th March 2024. People who were resident in one of 44 Mother and Baby or County Homes may be able to make an application to the scheme when it opens.

For information on payments and a list of homes included in the scheme and a please visit Fréa’s website Mother and Baby Homes | FRÉA (

If you need any support, advice or assistance on the application process please contact Fréa’s free and confidential service that offers specialist support to Former Residents, or their family, now living in the North of England.

Get in touch with Fréa

If you have any queries about making an application contact;

       OR complete an enquiry form here Get in touch | FRÉA (

What is the Payment Scheme?

The Irish Government have set up a payment scheme for Former Residents of Mother and Baby and County Homes. The payment is ‘in recognition of the circumstances (that people) experienced’ while living in these institutions.

The payment is solely related to residency in the homes. Former Residents do not need to have suffered abuse or to prove that they suffered abuse while in a Mother and Baby or County Home in order to receive a payment.

The payment is broken down into three parts:

  • General Payment Scheme; is for mothers who spent at least one night in an institution, in connection with a pregnancy or child birth OR a person who spent 180 days or more in a home (this usually relates to people who spent time in a home as a child.)

  • Work Related Payment; is for people who spent for more than 90 days in certain specified Mother and Baby or County Homes for reasons relating to pregnancy, or the birth or care of your child.

  • Health Supports Payment; Any person who spent 180 days or more in any of the institutions listed is entitled to receive a Health Support Payment of €3,000

When an application is submitted to the payment scheme, the applicant will have to specify each part of the payment scheme that they are applying for. A Former Resident can apply to all three parts of the payment scheme.

Family members of Former Residents of the Institutions maybe eligible to make an application where they passed away after on 13th January 2021. If you have any queries about this matter we would strongly advise you to contact Renewing Roots at

Making an application

Applications can be completed online or by a filling in a paper application form. Once the application process is open you can apply by visiting here gov - Mother and Baby Institutions Payment Scheme: Your questions answered (

To complete an application Former Residents will need to supply contact details and identification, including photographic ID that has been signed by an authorised person. Please speak to staff at Fréa for more information on a list of approved signatories.

Applicants will need to be able to indicate when they entered and left a home. If an applicant cannot remember the exact dates that they were resident in a home they should still submit an application, giving an estimation of the dates. Many people who are eligible to apply to the payment scheme were in an institution at a very young age and will not have access to such exact information. Therefore this should not be a barrier to making an application.

Applicants to the Health Support Payment will need to include proof of current address (e.g. a mortgage statement; tenancy/rental agreement; letter from the owner or manager of a nursing home; or utility bill in your own name), dated within the last six months.

Those who applying on behalf of someone who is deceased, will need to include a copy of the death certificate, along with an additional proof of your right to act on behalf of the deceased’s estate, such as a Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate.

People who are applying as a Carer (or fulfilling a similar role) and who has a legal arrangement to act on behalf of someone eligible for the Scheme, will need to send evidence of this. A legal arrangement is usually someone who has Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney or a Court Appointee Deputy.

Fréa would encourage people who spent any amount of time in a home to get in contact as they may benefit from accessing other aspects of the Irish Government Action Plan.

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