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Mother and Baby Home payment scheme - no need to pay for legal advice

Applications to the Irish Government Mother and Baby and County Home Payment scheme opened on the 20th March 2024. Former Residents are eligible to make an application to the scheme where they were resident in any of the 44 homes that existed across Ireland - see here for a list.

An important note re: payments: payments are based solely on the length of time that a person spent in an institution. Applicants do not need to prove that they were resident in an institution. Instead, you will need to give dates that you were in a Mother and Baby or County Home. If you do not know exact dates you can still make an application, giving a best estimate of the dates that you arrived and departed an institution.

Due to the structure of the application process, there is no need to pay for legal support or advice to complete an application. Instead, free and confidential advice is available from specialist advice workers across England. You can contact these workers at:

Fréa Renewing Roots (North of England)

Patrick Rodgers

Phone: 07432 138682

Ciaran Connolly

Phone: 07732901782

Natalie Hughes Crean

Phone: 07849835841

London Irish Centre Survivors Integrated Service (London & South of England)

Séan Kaluarachchi

Phone: 0800 519 5519

Katie Doyle

Phone: 07947111493

Coventry Irish Society Midlands Irish Survivors Service (Midlands)

Simon McCarthy

Phone: 0247 625 6629

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