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Fréa Mother and Baby and County Home Institutions Programme


Fréa offers free and confidential advice and advocacy to former residents of Ireland’s Mother and Baby and County Home Institutions; now living in the North of England. The service is funded by the Emigrant Support Programme Emigrant Support Programme (ESP) and is delivered by Patrick, Ciaran and Natalie; who are all committed to delivering a great service.


We can assist with:


  • Accessing Birth and Early Life information and records


  • Tracing Service for people actively seeking a reunion, wishing to make contact, or looking to share or seek information


  • The Payment Scheme when open


  • Financial provision to support with health care needs


  • Counselling Support



Fréa can also assist with connecting to local services and community events. These include welfare entitlements, health care and social and cultural groups.

Our ambition is to connect and involve as many former residents as possible in the development of the service. We want to ensure that we understand and value the lived experiences of former residents and that what we offer is open, comprehensive, and empathic.

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