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Therapy Dogs welcomed by Irish Memory Loss Group

In February, Irish Community Care Merseyside hosted their first Cuimhne group of the New Year.

Cuimhne (pronounced ‘queevna’) is the Irish word for memory. The team in Merseyside have specifically set up this group to support people with memory issues, dementia/Alzheimer’s, and their loved ones and carers.

The recent visit from Therapy Dogs Nationwide saw the group have a chance to cuddle and play with two lovely therapy dogs whilst listening to a small talk about the value of therapy dogs to our communities and people experiencing memory loss.

As well as this, the group had the opportunity to hear from Emma Stafford from Merseycare NHS Foundation Trust who was able to explain to our community members what support is out there for those in need of a dementia diagnosis, those who have already been diagnosed, and for the loved ones and carers of those with dementia.

Groups are this are the back bone of our charities work locally - providing safe spaces for vulnernable members of our Irish community to come together and find out about resources and services that can help them. It's also a great chance to get out and socialise.

Irish Community Care Merseyside's next Cuimhne event will be on the 14th March 2023 and will be held at Liverpool Irish Centre. The team are planning to welcome a representative from Kitty’s Launderette, which is a community launderette and social space to come and speak about their role in the community, and the great work they do at Kitty’s.

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